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Individual Therapy

$260 Per Session

I accept Partnership Health Plan, Aetna, Oxford, United Healthcare, Oscar Health, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross, Jackson Care Connect, and OHP Open Card. I can also bill your insurance as an out of network provider.  

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

$260 for 50 minutes

Some insurance is accepted for couples therapy. It is always recommended to talk to your provider to learn more before scheduling.  

Marathon Couples Therapy

2 Day Retreat 8 hours $2500
3 Day Retreat 15 hours $4500

I use Gottman Method for marathon therapy. I offer this on a monthly basis. I can not accept insurance for this service. If you feel this would be a good fit for you and your partner, I would be happy to get something scheduled. This service can be in person in my office, over zoom, or I can come to you for an additional fee. I am licensed in California and Oregon.

Billing and Insurance

I am in network for Medi-Cal (Beacon Health/Partnership). I can bill Oregon Health Plan (JCC), as an out of network provider. I can also bill on your behalf as a out of network provider to many other companies. If you would like to use your insurance for your sessions, please let me know

In network: 

Beacon/Medi-Cal:  You will not have any co-pay, I will need your insurance information before the appointment to verify they will accept me. As long as that goes through, you will have no fees for service.


Example: Couple’s therapy sliding scale is $100-$150, if your insurance pays $75 and you have a co-pay of $25, your fee will be $50.  If this will be a burden for you we can discuss some options, I do not want cost to be a barrier to treatment. I will offer a few slots for lower fees, usually 2 spots ongoing.  

If your insurance is out of network:  I will take payment from you and I can send your insurance a superbill on your behalf or I can provide you with a superbill to submit yourself. They will reimburse you for a portion of your bill, based on the rates they pay and your deductible.  

Some things to ask your insurance company: 

  • Do I have a mental health insurance benefit?

  • What is my deductible and has it been met?

  • How many sessions per year does my insurance cover?

  • Does my therapist need to provide a diagnosis?

  • Are all diagnosis covered?

  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?

  • What impacts coverage amount? 

  • Is pre-approval required from my primary care doctor prior to starting?

You have the right to a good faith estimate of expected charges, under the No Surprises Act. Please contact me to request this at any time during treatment.

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