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Why take a Couples Workshop?

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Couples workshops can help enhance a relationship. You can gain tools to help your marriage stay on track, rekindle friendship and romance.

When couples go to a workshop together, they are telling each other the relationship is important to them. They are investing in the future. The skills they both learn will last a lifetime.

One of the things we talk a lot about in Gottman method couples work is turning towards your partner, the research shows that masters of relationships are turning towards each other most of the time. Disasters are turning away. I see this workshop as a way for couples to turn towards each other.

For many years I was reading books and learning great things about how couples who are thriving communicated with each other, solved problems, and had lasting love and commitment throughout their lifetime. It did help my relationship when I took the time to do this. It helped even more when my partner joined me and we learned together, getting the information, and learning together we were able to use the tools at home. When couples go to a workshop together, they are both learning the skills at the same time. They have an opportunity to practice the skills privately and ask the therapist some questions about how to go about the interventions. After taking this workshop couples reported they now have a better understanding of their partner. They also said they have a better understanding on effective ways to communicate with their partner.

Workshops are education in nature, many couples that don’t need therapy or do not want to share their personal information will enjoy a workshop. They are able to get the interventions from a therapist for an affordable price. Some couples need the more in-depth work of couples therapy, if they are trying to recover from an affair or other betrayal it is important to get the help needed.

I offer this workshop over zoom as well as in person. This is educational in nature, so you are welcome to join no matter where you are located (unlike therapy, I need to be licensed in your state). I am also willing to travel for groups of 10 or more couples to host this workshop. I am really excited to be able to offer the Gottman method workshop with the researched evidence-based interventions to couples. As always, all my work is LGBTQ friendly. I am working on having sliding scale, or scholarships available for couples who would like to attend, and finances is a barrier. If this is the case for you, please reach out.

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