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Couples Therapy:  Gottman Method

Couples Therapy $260 for 50 minute session


Are you and your spouse missing each other? Are your attempts to connect failing? You are not alone in your desire for a better marriage. I would enjoy working with you. We will collaborate to strengthen your relationship bond while gaining understanding of each individual needs. 


While working with couples, my hope is to help you regain your connection. Most couples have perpetual problems, long standing things that no amount of communication is resolving. With the tools in this method I will help you learn ways to talk to each other about conflict and build connections.

Along with treating relationship distress, my specialties in couples work include recovering after an affair, healing from the effects of addiction, trauma and other emotional problems, preparing your marriage for success.

I offer sessions in person in my office in Yreka, California.  

I am offering HIPAA compliant telementalhealth couples therapy during this highly stressful time for many couples. Surprisingly, it works quite well. You are able to receive therapy from the safety of your home during the pandemic. I encourage you to try it if your relationship is having difficulty.  I can provide this if you and your partner are in California or Oregon at the time of visit. 

What to expect once you book a session: 

Assessment is a big part of Gottman method.  When you book a session I will send you a relationship checkup for each of you to fill out separately, this is an important step for assessing your relationship and will help to guild the therapy.  This will cost $39 per couple, paid directly to the Gottman institute.  I will need an email address for each person to have the invite sent.  

The first face to face session includes everyone in the couple, I will ask a serious of questions to get to know you as a couple and what brings you to therapy.  


Then next sessions is each person separately for 50 minutes individually.  As a couples therapist I do not keep secrets, unless it is a safety concern.  This individual session helps to assess how your history is impacting your current relationship.  

The third session is both people coming to session again, this is the final assessment stage.  I will give you feedback based on your assessment and give you each a copy of the combined scores.  We will work together to set goals for treatment.  

The sessions after the assessment sessions are unique to each couple based on the assessment.

Gottman just started a new tool called relationship builder, also available with the assessment.  It is $149 per couple and allows you to explore tools on your own time between sessions. 

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